Success Stories

Margaret & Scott, dual working parents of two – a 9 month old & a 4 year old picky eater. Margaret is committed to ensuring that her family has fresh food on the table each night and sets a good example for her children’s developing dietary habits. Here’s what she had to say after just one session.

Rachel, I love your food.  Thank you so much for cooking for me and my family.  We’ve been working our way through the fridge portions first, and so far my favorites are the NW slaw, the one with edamame paired with the ahi, and the asparagus.  I enjoy the pulled pork & slaw, too, but that’s more a Scott thing.  I have even found myself diving into those salads for breakfast; they are so yummy.

The snack bags are all wonderful (even Scott has been munching on jicama & egg salad).  They are perfect for work, for home, and for when I’m out and about.  I’ve had the egg salad as an afternoon snack at work, and that little container of it holds me beautifully until I get home and <sigh> open the fridge and find good food in it.

I can’t even express how wonderful it is for me to come home to good food to eat.  My body feels better, I feel better, and a whole other level of stress is leaving my shoulders.  I can tell A’s(4 year old picky eater) thinking about trying more things, C (9 month old) wants bites of anything I can possibly share with her, and Scott’s eating better, too.

Thank you thank you thank you.


Claire and Jen were facing increasing challenges with Jen’s growing list of food sensitivities. All of the old favorites were no longer working and weeknight meals had become not only challenging, but frustrating as Claire’s wide palate was unfulfilled with Jen’s restrictions. Claire was a skilled cook, but no longer felt inspired to be in the kitchen. They brought us on to help expand their options.

Rachel has a gift for helping people find out how to navigate around food allergies and intolerances without giving up any of the fun, deliciousness and balance we all need from food.  Before I met with Rachel I was at the end of my rope, feeling like there was almost nothing left that my partner and I could eat together because of our different food allergies and intolerances.  Rachel re-inspired us with so many creative and delicious ideas for meals that we could both enjoy.  Rachel’s consultation made grocery lists and dinner ideas easy, fun and yummy again.


Barb was a referral from her naturopathic doctor.  Barb had experienced unexplained diarrhea over the course of 4 months and 25 pounds of weight loss on an already thin frame. Barb was reacting to foods that had never been issue for her and they determined that the Specific Carbohydrate Diet was the best plan to help heal Barb’s gut back to health – the only problem, Barb doesn’t really cook. In addition to the restrictive diet plan, Barb was facing sensitivities to eggs, fish/seafood, nuts and dairy. Here’s an email from Barb after her first session.

Hi ya Rachel –
OH BOY, I found the Greek Lamb dinner to also be a “religious experience” as is the Turkish Lamb.  My goo’ness, how FABULOUS!  And I ADORED the Chili and the Pot Roast – talk about “comfort food”.  The flavor of the Haitian Turkey is just beyond outstanding.

The neat impacts:  I slept TEN & ONE HALF HOURS, that very first night (the most I’ve slept since before Year 2000), and NINE HOURS the next night.  It’s so wonderful to eat and feel full afterwards!  Also my appetite is increasing (slowly, but it is happening!), so soon I’ll be eating like a Giant Condor once again (I’ve always said I “eat like a bird”, then I’d name the Giant Condor.  But of late it’s been more like a Baby Chickadee.  So it’s SUPER to be eating more normally now!).  Good news too is that I’ve finally put on a couple ounces, AND I’ve not decreased any more since the day before you arrived.  Prior to that it had been a steady decline.

Again, thanks so MUCHIE for such YUMMIES!!  I can hardly WAIT to see next menu!  Hope you had a great weekend.


The Partovi’s are a very busy family with two young children who are inquisitive and adventurous. In our two years of working together, their diet has changed heavily as they have worked to improve their health and set good examples for their children.

Rachel is simply part of the family. She has perfectly customized for our family’s low-carb lifestyle yet her food is absolutely delicious and full of flavors. She knows our taste well and comes up with menus that completely suite us. Our kids *love* Rachel and she is incredible with them. She truly makes them a part of the cooking process and they look forward to seeing her weekly. Our family highly recommends Rachel and cannot imagine the last two years without her.

-The Partovi Family