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New year, fresh start

The new year brings time for contemplation and reflection. For some, that means a renewed focus on exercise, quitting a bad habit or getting to bed earlier. For many, including so many of my clients, its a time to focus on cleaning up your diet.  Perhaps its a detox, a Whole 30 or an elimination program.  Or maybe its a Dry-uary.  Or maybe its just getting a handle on the cakes and cookies of the over-indulgent holiday season.  Whatever your focus, it’s a great time to take time to reset and renew.  We all lose track at times; it’s part of the human experience. But rather than dwelling on the challenges, lets use this time to focus on the renewed energy that these changes can bring.  If you need support, maybe consider exploring coaching services or a private class with the Chefs at Thyme to Nourish.  An investment that you can recoup over the months to come.