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Superfoods: Berries

Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, cranberries – tis the season. Not only do they taste great and add some fun to your everyday cooking, but they are nutritional powerhouses, full of anti-oxidants rich Vitamin C and phytochemicals like anthocyanins – this is what makes berries red and is known to inhibit the growth of certain cancer…

What’s in a label?

Ideally, you are shopping for mostly foods without a label, but sometimes you are in a pinch or need something that you can’t make from scratch. During those times, make sure that your label has no words that you don’t recognize and ideally, no more than 5 ingredients.

Superfoods: Kale

One of my favorites is kale. It’s a versatile ingredient that works raw or cooked – it makes a regular appearance in salads, quick sautés, pasta, soups and even my smoothies. It holds for a week or longer in the crisper drawer – so it’s always on the ready to get added to your favorite…

Utilizing your leftovers

Here’s a quick rule of mine; food that you didn’t like the first time will not improve by heading to the freezer. However, if you make too much (and liked it), put some in the freezer on day one and give yourself something to look forward to when you have a busy day.

What’s all the smoke?

Ever heard of a smoke point? That’s the temperature that cooking oils start to burn. Not only does it ruin the flavor of the oils, but burning the oils creates free radicals in our bodies – the pre-cursors to cancer.

Getting your Omega-3’s

Did you know that pastured eggs contain 3-4 times the amount of Omega-3 fatty acids over conventionally produced eggs? Omega-3’s are one of the best anti-inflammatory tools you can access. Chronic inflammation is a leading cause of heart disease, many cancers and Alzheimer and it triggers the symptoms in arthritis. So, the next time you…

Keeping yourself hydrated

Divide your body weight in pounds by two. That’s your goal ounces to consume daily. Drink dehydrating drinks like alcohol and caffeine? Multiply the number of ounces times 1.5 and add that to your total.  

Make healthy eating & physical activities fun!

Take advantage of physical activities you and your friends enjoy doing together and eat the foods you like. Be adventurous – try new sports, games and other activities as well as new foods. You’ll grow stronger, play longer, look and feel better! Set realistic goals – don’t try changing too much at once.

Foods aren’t good or bad.

A healthy eating style is like a puzzle with many parts. Each part — or food — is different. Some foods may have more fat, sugar or salt while others may have more vitamins or fiber. There is a place for all these foods. What makes a diet good or bad is how foods fit…

Looking for ways to add more veggies to your family’s diet?

When cooking from recipes, double the amount of each vegetable. Even better, add one or two not called for in the dish. Cut up veggies like carrots, celery and jicama to keep on hand in the fridge for a quick snack.