Holiday Eating

As the weather gets colder, I am reminded of the upcoming holidays – a beautiful time to connect with family and see loved ones from near and far. It’s also a time for family meals – highlighting the beautiful bounty of late fall foods and great foods that warm you from the cold. With all that beauty, all too often comes the gluttony. The overeating, eating the wrong things and special holiday cheer. In all of your celebrating, remember to practice some moderation. If you are drinking alcohol, maybe add a glass of water between drinks or make it a practice to have an extra glass of water before going to bed. If you are not typically a big vegetable eater, commit to bringing a salad to your holiday gatherings. Add veggies to your breakfast; making sure to start your day will make it that much easier to get your vegetable intake later in the day. And the most important thing; if you have an especially indulgent day, don’t feel guilty. Just commit to starting anew the next day. The guilt makes it easier to have an excuse to indulge again the next day, instead of waking up with a fresh start and a new commitment to taking care of your body. Have a great holiday season and remember to take good care of yourself and your loved ones.

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