Naturally detoxifying foods

Our bodies are under a constant barrage of distress – we breathe in pollution, we are exposed to chemicals in our homes and our personal and home cleaning products, its in our gasoline and in the foods we consume. The world we live in is a pretty toxic place and over time, this can place a strain on our natural detox systems.


Step one – drink lots of water. Water serves as an amazing vehicle to help transport excess and waste products out of our bodies. Step two – do what you can to limit your exposure by buying organic foods and using low chemical personal & house cleaning products. In addition, there are many foods that can help in the process:

  • citrus – rich in vitamin c, they boost our immune system, offer up antioxidants, alkalize our bodies and aid in digestion. Citrus is also a great co-factor in helping increase the absorptivity of iron.
  • dark, leafy greens – these contain high amounts of chlorophyll; a natural filtering agent
  • cabbage – a study of traditional cultures in many parts of the world will see the heavy usage of this amazing food; cabbage helps the liver due to its high antioxidant properties – vitamin a, b, c & e
  • beets – these wonder foods rich in betaine and pectin help thin your bile, opening up the passageways to move toxins from the liver
  • onions & garlic – they help combat free-radicals in our bodies – those pre-cursors to cancerous cells
  • green tea – it helps speed up the livers activity and increases the production of detoxifying enzymes
  • sea vegetables – mineral rich, these powerhouses absorb toxins in the digestive tract

The list could easily keep going, start here and contact me if you want more in-depth support.

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