Private Classes

{thyme to Nourish} offers exciting classes and workshops to help you in your journey to become more empowered about the food that you put in your body. Whether your approach is food as fuel or food as enjoyment (or hopefully both), learn ways to better incorporate healthy eating into your daily life. Talk with us about Zoom and in-person options (when and where available).

For the past year and a half, I have migrated most of my cooking classes to a virtual format using Zoom. I’ve done one-on-ones, small groups gathered in a single home and even provided regular connection for small groups as they maintain social distancing or bridge the divide of geographical separation. What I have learned is that format works great. My clients love that they work on their schedule and its like having me by their side, without the challenge of scheduling and transportation. By cooking in your own home, you have a chance to use (and improve) your own equipment, you get to decide the pace that makes sense for you; you get to work with the ingredients that you’re comfortable with and even learn to better utilize items you already own. Here’s a few formats and ideas, but please remember all my work is custom, so if you have an idea or request, reach out; let’s design a class for you.

Dinner on the Table in 60 Minutes – $75

This class is designed for the experienced cook with a decently stocked kitchen who is looking to add variety to their repertoire, to learn a new skill or to learn techniques to speed things up. Before we meet, you email/text pictures or a list of produce and protein options and I give you a few choices of dishes that we can take on together. Class is an impromptu, no recipe based class where I guide you on technique and timing to get a great meal put together. This class is designed for 1-2 people working in the same kitchen. Add up to 2 more people in your kitchen for an additional $25. Add an additional household for $50/$75. Add extra time (if you want to slow the pace down or take on something more complex) for $20 for each additional 15 minutes (or $75 for a full hour).

Custom classes – starting at $200

This is great for skill building, tackling a new diet, learning a new technique or bringing friends and family together. I provide recipes, a shopping list and a prep list for items to tackle before class. All menus and recipes are custom to your needs. And the options are endless; if you have an idea or a need, let’s chat.
$200 – 1 person, 2 hours of instruction via Zoom
$250 – up to 4 people in one household or a second person via Zoom ($50 for each additional household; up to 5 total)
$20 – for each additional 15 minutes or $75/hour
We can work together if you have a bigger group; this often requires me bringing on a co-host.

One-on-one training

We will develop a plan based on your current skill level and special interests. This is a great option for someone who is looking to master a particular meal or as an on-going plan for someone who wants to develop their skills. Add-on to a personal chef visit—$150/session, plus applicable sales taxes. Private, one-on-one sessions, $100/hour side-by-side Zoom or in-person session (groceries not included). The Chef will provide recipes and groceries on arrival and will leave your kitchen clean and tidy.

Group training

In home cooking class

These sessions are perfect for a small group of friends who have similar skill sets and interests or the family who wants to learn how to cook together. This is a great way to engage your kids early in mastering healthy eating and can be a great bonding experience. Pricing is $125/hour with a 4 person maximum and 3 hour minimum; groceries are additional. The Chef will provide recipes and groceries on arrival and will leave your kitchen clean and tidy.

Dinner party classes

We plan the menu with you, do all the shopping, provide basic prep and clean-up. You and your guests help prepare the meal, enjoy a beautiful meal in the comfort of your home and walk away with treasured memories & recipes to try on your own. Starting at $600 for up to 10 participants, plus the cost of groceries and applicable sales taxes. On-site time is allotted at 5 hours to include set-up, cooking & clean-up. Overtime is billable in 15-minute increments at $100++/hour. Alcohol is not supplied per State liquor laws, but you may choose to serve your guests— we are happy to provide pairing recommendations.

Party ideas

  • Chefs of Community KitchensA Polenta Party—learn how to make the perfect polenta, along with a meat ragu, a roasted vegetable sauce and spicy sautéed kale; we’ll end the night with fresh fruit topped with zabaglione
  •  Oktoberfest—we’ll make grilled sausage, sweet & sour red cabbage, herbed spaetzle, caraway potato pancakes and apple strudel
  • A Night in Vietnam—learn to make fresh spring rolls with two types of dipping sauce, 5-spice grilled pork and a steaming bowl of Pho’; sticky coconut mango rice is a perfect ending
  •  Grilled Pizza— enjoy a fun filled night learning to make your own crust and a bevy of toppings; antipasto chopped salad; tiramisu makes a perfect ending
  • A Sushi Feast— we’ll start with edamame and miso soup and then learn the perfect sushi rice for making your favorites—California roll, spicy tuna roll, assorted Nigiri; dessert is green tea ice cream
  • Caribbean Nights— learn to make guava & cotija empanadas, grilled guava drummettes, Mahi Mahi wrapped in banana leaves; finish with Key lime mascarpone filled cannelloni with mango sauce
  • The Big Easy—we’ll start with Oysters Rockefeller and then make a classic chicken & andouille gumbo, shrimp étouffée and finish with bananas foster
  • Fall Harvest—we’ll begin with curried butternut squash soup, mushroom barley risotto, roast chicken with lemon & herbs, sautéed Brussels sprouts with parmesan & balsamic vinegar; we’ll end the meal with pear & dry jack cheese strudel
  • The Basics—mastering the perfect sauce; how to make soup from scratch; knife skills 101, cooking with whole grains, fish and seafood: from the water to your plate — we’ll design a seasonal menu to help you explore these essential kitchen skills

Kitchen optimization

A well organized kitchen is the foundation of many a successful meal. {thyme to Nourish} will work with you to set-up your kitchen to help get those creative juices flowing. We also provide assistance in setting up your pantry with the basics for cooking success. $80-100/hour plus the cost of any storage, organizing products or essential pantry items and WA state sales taxes —3 hour minimum.

Navigating the market

Farmers marketDesigned for the person taking on a new cuisine or new approach to cooking. For this class we start at the store—touring the aisles and discussing essential ingredients for that style of cooking. Once our shopping is complete, we will return to your home for a cooking class utilizing the food we just purchased. Pricing is $100/hour with a 4 person maximum and 5 hour minimum; groceries and applicable sales taxes are additional. Chef will provide recipes and a shopping list on arrival and will clean-up after the session.  Session ideas:

  • SE Asian cuisine
  • A gluten-free meal
  • Indian essentials
  • Japanese food
  • Latin basics
  • A farmers market basket—this is an improvisational class designed for more experienced cooks

The options are unlimited! Have an idea or a theme, we can work together to design the perfect plan. Remember, cooking parties make excellent gifts and team-building events.