Sometimes, you may need a little more help than a class can offer. {thyme to Nourish} offers private coaching services to help you navigate the complicated waters of rebuilding your health. This service is ideal for ongoing support as you take on a new diet or dietary restriction; regular appointments allow you to refine your learning at a pace that makes sense for you. Some may choose this as a follow-up or supplement to a private class or personaFreshly harvested garlicl chef service; others may take this on as an independent exercise. Whatever the motivation, you can feel assured that a coach can help you to ensure success in compliance with your new plan and also a level of happiness as you learn new ideas on how to tackle your challenges.

Here are some ways in which we have supported past clients:

  • Detox/elimination diets
  • Food based allergies & sensitivities: gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, nuts, grains, alliums, citrus/citric acid, tomatoes and many others
  • New diagnosis/treatment plan – diabetes, crone’s/IBS (other digestive disorders), arthritis (other inflammatory disorders), hypertension,
  • Cancer treatment
  • Disease prevention & general wellness
  • Post-surgery/Post-baby

After an initial consultationBeets to determine your needs and that we are a good fit, you will complete an extensive intake form. Here, we will examine your likes, dislikes, health objectives, allergies and sensitivities. With that information in hand, we will meet by phone or Zoom for about 60 minutes as we lay out a plan. $100 for the initial session.

With an on-going plan in place designed to support you in your health goals, we can work together to plan your menus and investigate new options in healthier cooking. We can look at challenges in eating out or dining with family members. We can explore challenges at the grocery store or with label reading. Sessions are conducted by phone/Zoom and are billed at $25 per 15-minute increment or prepay by purchasing a block of 5 hours and pay only $80/hour, billed in 15-minute increments. Want to add in some cooking elements to our coaching? We can meet by Zoom as Rachel guides you through the process. Need a demo class? Add that in at $100/hour for a prepaid session. We can mix and match and build a program that meets your needs.

No matter what your challenge, you do not have to face it alone. Needs some other support, check out these others services.

Rachel has a gift for helping people find out how to navigate around food allergies and intolerances without giving up any of the fun, deliciousness and balance we all need from food. Claire L

Kitchen optimization

A well organized kitchen is the foundation of many a successful meal. {thyme to Nourish} will work with you to set-up your kitchen to help get those creative juices flowing. We also provide assistance in setting up your pantry with the basics for cooking success. $80-100/hour plus the cost of any storage, organizing products or essential pantry items and WA state sales taxes —3 hour minimum.

Navigating the market

Designed for the person taking on a new cuisine or new approach to cooking. For this class we start at the store—touring the aisles and discussing essential ingredients for that style of cooking. Once our shopping is complete, we will return to your home for a cooking class utilizing the food we just purchased. Pricing is $100/hour with a 4 person maximum and 5 hour minimum; groceries and WA state sales taxes are additional. Chef will provide recipes and a shopping list on arrival and will make sure your kitchen is clean and tidy when we’re done.  Session ideas:

  • SE Asian cuisine
  • A gluten-free meal
  • Indian essentials
  • Japanese food
  • Latin basics
  • A farmers market basket—this is an improvisational class designed for more experienced cooks

No matter what the challenge, getting support can help you move back to vitality.