Food allergies & sensitivities

{thyme to Nourish} focuses on working with special diets; on the journey, we have encountered allergies and sensitivities to just about anything you can think of – garlic, onions, all spices, gluten, tree nuts, ground nuts, eggs, dairy, all grains, legumes, citrus, various meats, alcohol, sugars – refined and natural, soy, seafood, fish, tomatoes, high acid foods, high fat foods, rice, corn, mushrooms. For some clients, they face just a single ingredient that they must avoid, for others, they have a whole list. Add to this list, a lengthy list of likes and dislikes and you may be wondering, “What’s left?”.  Our job is to teach you how to move past what you can’t eat and to encounter new ways of approaching what you can.

There are many ways to address these challenges. Some may choose that a personal chef service offers the best solution – having a chef prepare foods that are in alignment with your goals, restrictions and preferences – a fully customized solution. Other may want to learn more about how to handle these new challenges on their own, utilizing our coaching services and private cooking classes to help you gain control of the situation. Here’s a sample of some of the services that may be useful:

  • Label reading for your specific avoided ingredients
  • Grocery store tours – learning where to find those specialized ingredients and what to look for on the shelves
  • Menu planning – typically geared for the more experienced cook who just needs inspiration and guidance for this new challenge
  • Recipe redesign – taking your time honored classics and family standards and redesigning them for the new you
  • Cooking classes – private sessions where we you learn specific techniques for cooking in this new way. We may address such issues as: developing flavor without alliums, time saving techniques when cooking from scratch, dairy free options, cooking with alternative flours, grain free cooking or whatever you need.

Food allergies and sensitivities can be daunting when faced on your own. Utilize the expert services of{thyme to Nourish} to help bring excitement and fulfillment back to eating.