Personal Chef Services

Personal chef services are currently on hold; reach out about custom cooking classes and coaching sessions.

{thyme to Nourish} is your resource for personal chef services. Whether you are starting on a new diet plan, are in need of week-night inspiration/relief or need an on-going meal plan for you and your family, {thyme to Nourish} can support you. We work to ensure that your goals, preferences and happiness is well served, all while creating nourishment and giving you back more time.

Here’s what to expect:

Tortilla soupFirst meeting — We will meet with you and create a personalized meal plan—likes, dislikes, preferences, allergies/sensitivities, restrictions and health goals.  You will work with a knowledgeable chef to support you with any special  needs: weight loss, diabetes, high blood pressure, vegetarian/vegan, cancer treatment, gluten-free, dairy-free, grain-free and more.

Weekly/Bi-weekly/Monthly — We provide a meal plan for your approval and then do all the shopping, cooking and clean-up in your home. On the day of the visit, you arrive home to the smell of a home cooked meal and meals pre-packaged and in your refrigerator/freezer. Heating instructions are provided and you get a healthy, easy meal whenever you like.

Price Plans

All plans include your personalized consultation, grocery shopping and meal planning. The price of groceries and local sales tax is additional. Please note that {thyme to Nourish} reserves the right to charge an additional fee for more complex diet plans—this will be discussed with you Arugula saladduring your initial consultation. {thyme to Nourish} offers two plan options – we offer a full meal plan, an entree with a side dish or for those that choose, we also offer an entree only service. Additional dishes may be added for an extra $50/dish.

  • Five entrees, with sides or 7 entrees, two portions of each (10 meals or 14 entrees)
    Ideal for couples, singles or someone who would like occasional meals to supplement their cooking schedule.
  • Five entrees, with sides or 7 entrees, four portions of each (20 meals or 28 entrees)
    Ideal for a weekly family service, two weeks of meals for a couple or a month of meals for a single person.
  • Five entrees, with sides or 7 entrees, six portions of each (30 meals or 42 entrees)
    Ideal for a large family weekly service or a month of meals for a couple

{thyme to Nourish} provides food resources, education, awareness and access to food that sustains our bodies and our local communities while expanding us to the world of possibilities. Today, when we decide what food to put in our bodies, we face challenges with time, money and a dizzying array of choices that all seem to have conflicting messages. Allow {thyme to Nourish} to help you navigate the confusion and to learn how to nourish your life.