Answers to your questions

Can you accommodate a special needs diet?

Absolutely!! That is the focus for {thyme to Nourish} and our specialty. Previously served requests have included: gluten-free, vegetarian, low-fat, low-sodium, vegan, diabetes, cancer treatment, ingredient- based allergies or sensitivities (nuts, seafood, garlic, soy, etc) and elimination or detox support. We want you to be able to enjoy food & healthy eating, no matter how restrictive your diet or goals may be.

Our personal preference is to use local, sustainable, organic food items whenever possible; however, this is your meal plan and we will defer to your direction on how to approach these decisions.

Who uses personal chef services?

What a great question! Personal chefs are not just for the rich and famous. Clients come from all walks of life—families, single folks on the go, new parents and those that are soon-to-be, the 65+ crowd. Some hire a personal chef to support them through a detox program or elimination diet. What’s key with all clients who use personal chef services is that they care about putting good, quality food in their bodies. Many clients choose to take on a personal chef because they are going through a life change or are embracing a new focus on healthy eating. Some people find this to be a great gift for the expectant family or the parents of a newborn.  Whatever the reason, you can rest assured that {thyme to Nourish} takes a very personalized approach to working with all clients.

Why should I use a personal chef?
The answers truly vary, but the most common answer is time. Save time by allowing us to:

  • Research any dietary restrictions and food preferences on your behalf
  • Plan your menu
  • Write out a shopping list
  • Do the shopping (plus picking up non-related items on your behalf)
  • Prepare the food—leaving the kitchen sparkly clean and the food carefully packed away in easy to heat and portioned containers

This becomes especially important at certain times of life—a growing family, a new job, a heavy travel schedule, a newly diagnosed illness or health concern. Your use of a personal chef may be to assist you through a transition or you may determine this is a vital part of your happiness and wellness.

Many clients also choose to use a personal chef because they dislike cooking, but enjoy quality food—the food is tailored to your exact preferences. This means we can:

  • Avoid any ingredients that your dislike or cannot eat
  • Provide any level of desired variety or consistency to your menu
  • Prepare your favorite dish; even modifying it to reduce the fat, reduce the sodium, make it more modern or leave out an ingredient
  • Support your special needs as you transition into a new style of eating or a new lifestyle
  • Help you learn how to cook and enjoy it!
Where do you cook?

All cooking is done in your home kitchen. On your cooking date, your personal chef will do the shopping for your meals and arrive along with a supply kit of tools and prepare your meals. When the chef leaves, your kitchen is clean and dinner is waiting.

How long does it take?

Typically the plan is to be in your home for 5 to 7 hours – this will vary depending on the complexity of the dishes and the number of servings. We will work together to find a time that fits your schedule – most clients choose to have the cooking done while they are at work or are out for the day; you are welcome to be at home should you choose. Please note that instruction or side-by-side training can be arranged with additional fees and time added to the schedule.

How do I pay for groceries?

A $100 grocery deposit is required to help cover the costs of food. All shopping is done at stores where we have developed relationships with the vendors and are familiar with the selection. This allows us to have confidence in the quality and value of the product. On request, your chef will frequent the store of your choice, so long as it stocks the ingredients that will be required for your personalized meal plan and is in close proximity to your home. Should you have any shopping needs, additional items can be picked up with a list provided in advance – limited to 20 items without additional fees.

How is the food stored?

Food can be designed as ready-to-eat or frozen. Ready to-eat items will be stored in your refrigerator; these items are intended to be eaten within three to five days, with some items needing immediate consumption. If you have an irregular schedule, would like the food to last longer or would like your personal chef to come less frequently, we will design items for your freezer; we typically recommend that these are eaten within thirty to sixty days to ensure maximum freshness. Along with a menu, your chef will provide thawing and heating instructions for each dish.

What type of containers do you use?

Our preference is low impact, Pyrex containers which may be reused and are freezer, oven and microwave safe. We can purchase a set on your behalf that will be charged against your bill. If you prefer a more disposable solution, we can discuss various options; a fee will apply to purchase and maintain disposable containers.

How do I get started?

Contact us by phone or email and let’s talk. Your chef will come to you at a convenient time to discuss your requirements and your goals. If we look like a good match, then we can set our first menu and arrange the first visit. The grocery deposit and first session fee is due at the time of booking.