Tips for Smart Grocery Shopping

  • Shop with a list – this allows you to save time and money; it also ensures that you get what you need and don’t buy a bunch of things that you don’t. Sounds simple – but few people adequately prepare.
  • Never shop hungry – you’ll make impulse buys and be more inclined to by prepared foods and junk foods.
  • Review store ads/promos before shopping – typically stores display these at the front of the store or have a flyer that you can pick up on your way in the store. If you have time, you can review the flyers online or use a mobile app to check out the deals before you hit the road.
  • Shop with the seasons – the height of the season yields the best taste, nutritional value and value. Ever bought a tomato in December? They are pale, flavorless, mealy and cost a fortune. Maybe this is the time to use a nice canned or frozen produce when appropriate or just wait until it comes back in season and it will be that much more enjoyable.
  • Keep a good pantry. You’ll be less likely to run to the store daily or feel pressured into eating out because you have “nothing in the house”.
  • Avoid the center of the store and be wary of the end of the aisle. The center of the store is where you’ll find the most highly processed foods. Not only is this worse for your body, but you’ll be paying a premium for someone else doing the work for an inferior product. The ends of the aisles are designed to be attention grabbers and often contain items that you don’t really need. Stick to your list! Of course, on occasion, these displays feature some great loss-leaders and items that you may truly need.
  • Take your kids shopping at your own peril. Store designers are brilliant. They place items in brightly colored packaging and at perfect kid level to help you spend more of your dollars for things you don’t really need. When’s the last time your kid cried out in the store, begging you to buy broccoli? How about that bag of chips or sugary cereal? You get my drift.
  • If you are consistently throwing away food, then rethink your shopping and/or cooking. You may be overbuying; you may be buying the wrongs things; you may be making too much; you may be making things that your family does not enjoy or you might simply just be in need of some cooking lessons. If you do overcook and the leftovers can be frozen, get some to the freezer on night one – that increases your likelihood of not tossing them when you get bored and what a lovely treat to have another meal all ready to go the next time you are too busy to cook.

One Response to Tips for Smart Grocery Shopping

  1. You should also check for the latest recalled products before shopping for grocery items. In this way, you will be able to avoid products that can be harmful to your health.